Monday, January 2, 2012


With the New Year comes many ‘resolutions’ and personal goals. You may have promised yourself you’d exercise more, eat healthier, stop smoking, get more sleep…. Whatever your goals, we would love to be able to help you achieve them! 2012 Brings many changes for us as well, including our new
FREE Health and Wellness Workshops,
which we are excited to offer to our practice members and friends. Many of you have expressed interest in clarification on many different health issues, and it is our goal to teach our practice members what they can do to be healthier in all aspects of their lives.

Beginning this month, we will be holding FREE workshops in our Vancouver office on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. These workshops will cover a variety of health related topics. We invite you to share in these informative, open discussion format workshops, and learn how to steer your health in a positive direction! Space is very limited, so please RSVP on our website, HERE, or call the office at (360) 597-4784 to reserve your spot. Your friends and family are always welcome!


January 17, 2012 - What Is Health?
Is health merely the absence of pain? Does ‘health’ come in a pill bottle? What exactly does it mean to be healthy? Our introductory seminar on the importance of understanding and achieving health.

February 21, 2012 - Vitamin D/Omega 3’s
Winter in the pacific NW= Low Vitamin D levels = Health problems!
Omega 3….No, you do not get enough from your Tilapia dinner.

March 20, 2012 – Understanding Food Labels
What are all those ingredients? Layman’s terms please?

April 17, 2012 – Got Organic?
Is it really better? Where/how to buy, and inexpensive options too!

May 15, 2012 – Natural Living Basics
Interested in self sustainable living? You can grow your own food, raise chickens for eggs, make your own detergents and cleaning products.

June 19, 2012 – Water!
Sources, ingredients, bottle-types, filtered, tap, fluoridated, chlorinated….it’s NOT just water.

July 17, 2012 – Exercise
From everyday life enhancing routines to stress-relieving, calming, and heart healthy options

August 21, 2012 – Good Fat/Bad Fat
New information on saturated fats, brain function, and when to use certain oils, when to avoid them.

September 18,2012 – Detox 101
Thinking about a cleanse or detoxification?
Learn the differences between the leading techniques and expected results.

October 16,2012 – PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
Dr. Perin has mastered the art of PMA’s, and wants to share proven approaches to thinking and living positive. Is your glass half full?? Or half empty?

November 20, 2012 – Artificial sweeteners vs. Natural sweeteners
NO calories?! It must be healthier! Or not.
Agave – huh?

December 19, 2012 - Diet Fads
The differences, pros, and cons between the latest diet fads, just in time for your 2013 resolutions! Find out which ones are healthy, and which ones to stay away from.